Sublette County Conservation District
Sublette County Conservation District
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Event Schedule 

 9:00 AM– Vendor Booths Open

 9:45 AM-Products from milk/cream

10:00 AM-Kids Activity Booth Opens

10:15 AM- The Buzz About Bees

10:30 AM-Properly Plant Trees

11:15 AM- Plant ID Walk

12:15 PM- Chicken Roundtable

12:30 PM- Products from milk/cream

 1:15 PM -Seed Spitting Contest

 1:30 PM- Kids Pedal (Tractor) Pull

 2:15 PM- Wy Myths about Gardening

 2:15 PM- Plant ID Walk

 3:00 PM- Properly Plant Trees

 3:45 PM - Horses on Small Acreages

             Blue = Up to a 45 minute demonstration outside

             Green = 1 hour presentation inside

*Door Prizes Drawn Throughout the Day


 Vendor Booth Application
We will provide a one day Spring Expo targeted towards small acreage landowners <40 acres. Vendor booths will open at 9:00 AM in the morning showcasing alternative energy, perennial flower sale lifted from local gardens, maintaining healthy soils, a kid’s corner learning center and a farmers market. Seminars throughout the day will consist of; growing food for nutrition; a local panel of experienced chicken farmers share their knowledge of "from chick to dinner table", horse pasture management on small acreages and the buzz about beekeeping.
Door prizes will be drawn throughout the day.


Tina Russell is the Agriculture& Natural Resources University of Wyoming Extension Educator on the Wind River Indian Reservation. She regularly teaches classes on beekeeping and pollinators.  Her hands-on beekeeping experience comes from her service in the Peace Corps in West Africa and from working with many Wyoming beekeepers. 
 Learn all about raising chickens in Sublette County. We will be asking a panel of local folks who have experience raising chickens to provide their experiences Jennifer Hayward will be facilitating a panel of 3-4. These folks will share what they have learned with folks who may be interested in starting up. Hopefully this may help newcomers avoid mistakes that have already been made. We will have both egg layers and meat bird enthusiasts!
 Curtis Haderlie of Haderlie Farms presents:                                         Local Food and other Wyoming Myths! The local food movement has grown rapidly over the past few years yet most of what we eat is not grown locally. Join us for a candid look at why local food is important, what's currently available, and what opportunities there are for entrepreneurs.

Mike Henn talks about Horses on Small Acreages

Attendees will learn how to evaluate their property and then implement conservation measures to ensure that their property maintains it's health and productivity.  You will learn what a sacrifice area is and when to use it.  We will cover rotational grazing and how this can be implemented on a small scale.  Another interesting topic is manure management and how to turn it into compost for gardens and other uses. 

Check out this Facebook Post on how to build your own Horsefly Trap

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