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Wateshed Studies

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Upper Green River Watershed Plan

July of 2012 witnessed the kickoff of an Upper Green River Level 1 Watershed Study. The Conservation District sponsored this study which was funded by the Legislature through the Wyoming Water Development commission. While the study will have a number of extremely useful outputs, one that is important is the fact that the study contractors (Sunrise Engineering) really want to hear from landowners about possible projects which they could then evaluate, perhaps do some engineering planning, and assist in the process of seeking cost-share funding from the Water Development Commission’s Small Water Development Program.

Examples of projects might be; stock pond rehabilitation, a new well/tank/pipeline, water diversion structure, or a solar pump. Sunrise Engineering will be anxious to visit about the idea, flush it out, do some engineering and cost estimates, and help out with the other details. Contact: Jason Linford, (307) 885-8500 or This particular study will encompass all of the Upper Green River drainage –EXCLUDING the New Fork drainage. (Apologies to Pinedale and Boulder folks.) We would encourage those within the New Fork watershed to find out what the study will encompass, We need to know if we should advance a proposal to study the New Fork as well.
New Fork River Restoration and Wetland Enhancements
This project, working with the Olson Ranch, FWS Partners for Wildlife, and Wyoming Game and Fish will create approximately 8 acres of seasonal floodplain wetlands on private land near the New Fork River. The project site is an outside bend of the New Fork River that has been laterally migrating outward, such that the river could eventually jump into the next downstream meader and shorten the river length by about 1 mile. This project proposes to remove all or a portion of a dike that does not allow overbank floods to pass over it, but instead concentrates flow in front of the dike. This has caused large gullies to form which are working their way upstream towards the laterally migrating outside bend and speeding the process of cutting off the river meander. In addition to the dam removal, the check dams in the gullies will be built with a low enough elevation to allow flood flows to pass over them, retaining water and creating wetlands. The District has several applications submitted to various funding agencies to help fund this project.
Little Sandy Watershed Plan
The District is working with the Little Sandy Grazing Association to develop a watershed based plan to address the fact that a reach of the stream has been listed as impaired due to excessive sedimentation. We have assembled a local team to work with the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality and Environmental Protection Agency so that the watershed plan will serve as a proactive measure preceeding the development of regulatory prescriptions.
In addition to developing the issues and alternatives in watershed plan, we have cooperated in studies which will quantify the natural and unnatural sediment loads in the stream segment so informed decisions can be made regarding management practices.

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New Fork River Watershed Study Presentation

New Fork River Watershed Study Public Scoping-Flyer


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