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Surface Water Quality Monitoring
     Surface water monitoring by the District began in 2000 with the New Fork River. The overall objective was to establish baseline conditions of the aquatic resources in Sublette County. Monitoring began on the Green River in 2001 and the Hoback River in 2002. Sites were added on the Big and Little Sandy Rivers in 2008. 2013 will be the 13th year of monitoring surgace water by the district. A "Sampling Analysis Plan" (SAP) approved by the WY Dept. of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is in affect for water quality monitoring efforts within the SCCD. Physical, chemical and biological parameters are collected. 

     In 2001 the District begin monitoring four sites along the New Fork River as dedicated Pinedale Anticline Surface (PAS) Water sites as part of the 2001 BLM Record of Decision discribed above in the Ground Water Monitoring section. Over the years sites were added with nine sites currently being monitored as PAS sites. Reports are generated using data collected from these sites and are submitted annually to the Pinedale BLM. Recent reports can be found below:
    Field Data    
    Chemical Data 
    Field Data
    Chemical Data 
Pinedale Anticline Surface Water Summary
    Field Data
 For previous year's reports visit the Pinedale BLM's website:


Document List

Green River Data Assessment Report

Hoback River Data Assessment

New Fork River Data Assessment Report

PAPA 2012-Surface Water


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