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Seedling Tree Program

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The Seedling Tree Program enables landowners to obtain trees at nominal cost. The purpose of the program is to encourage the owners to plant effective wind barriers to protect buildings, cropland and feedlots and for erosion control, other conservation practices, reforestation, and Christmas tree plantings. Distribution day also includes expertise available to answer any questions that customers may have regarding tree planting, disease, weed management, gardening tips and landscaping. Periodically a Windbreak Workshop is provided for the public, included in these sessions is helpful information regarding species selection, site preparation, planting methods and design assistance.
  This guide contains tips on species selection, windbreak design, planting methods, and care needed for successful conservation planting in the unique growing conditions of Sublette County, Wyoming. The purpose of Conservation District seedling tree programs across the nation are to promote and encourage conservation plantings. In this guide, you will find information about the Sublette County Conservation District’s (SCCD) seedling tree program, the various species sold, and how they can benefit you depending on where you live in the county. Tree and shrub species listed in this guide have been approved by SCCD. Approval is based primarily on experience with trees or shrubs that do well in the county and work well for conservation purposes. Growth rate and height estimates found often assume growth in ideal conditions. Many of the tree and shrub species included in this guide are native to milder climates and may not attain the growth rates and heights listed. Specific problems posed by this climate in many areas of Sublette County are low rain fall, temperature extremes, a limited growing season, and frequent dry winds . However, with patience, enthusiasm, the right plant varieties, and correct planting techniques,
you can achieve success.


Seedling Trees Come in Various Shapes & Sizes


Bareroot Bundles





Arbor Day Celebrations across the nation each year provide an opportunity for the Conservation District to educate youth about the importance trees play in our urban environments. The Sublette County Conservation District donates seedling trees coomplete with "How to Plant a Tree" booklets to students who are celebrating Arbor Day in Pinedale, Big Piney, La Barge and Bondurant in honor of Arbor Day. 

Photo taken 2006 at the time of planting

 Photo taken 2011 shows the snow accumulation on the highway up to the area being protected by the Living Snow Fence which is only is only 5 years old at this pointPhoto taken 2017 showing the Golden Currants vibrantly producing berries at 10 years old
The District also maintains a Living Snow Fence Demonstration in cooperation with landowner Don Whitaker, leaseholder Aaron Wilson, Wyoming Department of Transportation, USDA-NRCS, and the Wyoming State Forestry. Located just west of Pinedale, its goal is to help block harsh winds in the winter that cause unsafe ice on Pine Street (Highway 191). The project includes Colorado Blue Spruce, Coyote Willow, Golden Currents, and Narrow-Leaf Cottonwood. The planting experiences extreme spring flood irrigation on the west end of the westerly planting and is also under a drip irrigation system.
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